Kako rotirati tekst u WORD-u

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  • Insert Text box
  • Format tab – no fill, no outline
  • Right click on text box
  • Format Shape
  • 3D rotation
  • X rotate for 180

– Same procedure for Word Art



Када ексел подели странице за штампу по сваком реду

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Проблем у драјверу за принтер. Заменити основни принтер са неким другим Adobe Printer, or CutePDF или неки други, затим подесити страницу како треба да изгледа, а потом вратити на основни (главни принтер).Ово се дешава зато што је документ сетован (у екселу 2007/2010 ) да му основни фајл, буде компатибилан са екселом 2003/97 (File save as Excel 2003/97).

Deletes a query table

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Sub Clear_QueryTable()

Dim qt As QueryTable
For Each qt In ActiveSheet.QueryTables
If qt.Refreshing Then qt.CancelRefresh

End Sub



Deletes a query table. If the query table is refreshing asynchronously, Delete causes an error. Deleting a query table does not remove data from cells on a worksheet—it just removes the ability to refresh those cells from their data source.

The following code deletes all of the query tables on the active worksheet and clears their data:

Delete All Shapes from the whole workbook using macro

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Sub Del_All_Shapes_WB()
Dim shp As Shape
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
For Each shp In ws.Shapes
Next shp
Next ws
End Sub


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